The experience, knowledge, and integrity of the recruitment firm you choose can significantly affect the success of your recruitment program and healthcare facility.

Global Healthcare Staffing can assist your organization in addressing the nursing shortage and enhancing your recruitment endeavors by locating highly qualified, loyal, and dedicated Registered Nurses from around the world.

Once you make the decision to extend a job offer to a candidate, we will support them throughout the entirety of their EB-3 visa application, background checks, credential verification, and relocation to the United States, alleviating any concerns you may have.

When your choice is Global Healthcare Staffing, you benefit from:

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Comprehensive Support

We provide end-to-end expertise to meet all of your direct hire international nurse recruitment needs. Our experienced team will handle every step of the process, including hiring, immigration, credentialing, and relocation, all for one flat fee!

Seamless Arrival and Onboarding

From arranging family support to coordinating housing, transportation, and financial considerations, we ensure that everything is in place for a seamless arrival and onboarding process.

travel nurse benefits
travel nurse housing benefits

Efficient Direct Hire

Choosing our direct hire method not only ensures affordability but also provides you with greater control over your employees. With direct hiring, their loyalty is directly linked to you, fostering a stronger relationship and commitment.

Unparalleled Expertise

Our in-house team consists of immigration specialists, registered nurses, onboarding experts, and clinical educators. Together, they provide unmatched expertise to support your staffing needs.

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travel nurse housing benefits

Global Reach

We have a diverse global recruitment team consisting of nurses from various countries such as the Philippines, Nepal, Caribbean Islands, Costa Rica, South Korea, and the U.S.

Providing a Wide Range of Specialized Registered Nurses

We offer a diverse range of registered nurses in high-need specialties, including ER, ICU, telemetry, med/surg, and even Advanced Practice Nurses.

travel nurse benefits
travel nurse housing benefits

Saving Time and Effort

Eliminate the time-consuming process of recruiting and hiring nurses, which includes education, licensure, and NCLEX preparation.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

We develop customized nurse staffing plans that cater to your specific business requirements, ensuring an effective and efficient workforce.

travel nurse benefits
travel nurse housing benefits

Long-Term Commitment

Our registered nurses commit to a minimum of three years, with the option to extend their contract at your facility.

Reduced Reliance on Travel Nurses

While incorporating travel nurses for temporary surges is beneficial, relying solely on them to fill vacancies is not a sustainable strategy. Our Direct Hire solution is designed to address this issue!

travel nurse benefits

Our experienced team is ready to assist with your staffing needs.

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