At Global Healthcare Staffing, we offer tailored solutions to fill your staffing gaps with qualified professionals. Our extensive network of healthcare professionals from various regions provides a diverse range of specialized skills to meet your specific requirements.

Moreover, we go above and beyond by thoroughly verifying the credentials and backgrounds of each nurse, ensuring they possess the necessary expertise for the role. Additionally, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, guiding nurses through obtaining their U.S. nursing license (NCLEX) and assisting with immigration and relocation procedures.

By entrusting us with your nurse staffing needs, you can devote your attention to delivering exceptional healthcare services, while we handle the recruitment, relocation, and integration of the finest nurses from around the globe.
- With Global Healthcare Staffing, you have the advantage of direct hire, meaning that you have full control over your employees and their loyalty is directly tied to you.

- We have a global reach, allowing you access to clinicians from over 60 countries.

- We offer a wide variety of nurses, including Registered Nurses from all specialties, ensuring that we can meet your staffing needs.

- The commitment time frame for our registered nurses is longer than that of the average U.S. nurses, demonstrating their long-term commitment to your organization.

- By having loyal permanent employees, you can reduce your turnover rates, leading to cost savings and improved patient care quality.
At Global Healthcare Staffing, we specialize in providing highly skilled Registered Nurses with high-need specialties.

Currently, we have available nurses in the following areas: Med-Surg, Pediatric, Telemetry, Critical Care, Emergency, Labor & Delivery, Operating Room, NICU, and PICU. Additionally, we can also accommodate other nursing specialties based on your specific needs.

The length of the nursing recruitment process can vary due to the need to recruit nurses from different countries and their requirement to take the U.S. nursing licensing exam. However, on average, the entire process, including recruitment and relocation, takes between 12 and 24 months.
Once the nurses have arrived in the U.S., they are committed to working at your facility as permanent staff for a minimum of three years. However, many nurses choose to stay at the facility for an extended period after their commitment period.
Yes, all candidates will have an active state license for the state in which they are working, if a license is required for the position.
Generally, interviews can be arranged within one week, depending on the time it takes to review the candidate's licensure and qualifications for the position.
Global Healthcare Staffing ensures that all candidates are screened beforehand, and during the interview, facility policies are addressed once again. We collaborate with numerous systems that enforce the same policy. However, clients are advised to provide specific hiring policies before the interview for added assurance.
During the assignment, there are no additional costs or fees, except for home health hours and mileage. There is no conversion fee at the end of the assignment. However, if a visa transfer is required, fees may be applicable if necessary.
Yes, the terms of the assignment confirmation letter are based on the mutually agreed upon terms in your signed contract.
To convert to direct employment, the employee is not required to pay any fees. The specific assignment confirmation letter will mention the duration of the assignment period. Typically, this includes an orientation session in addition to either a period of 36 months or 6,240 hours, whichever is longer.

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