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Once you make the choice to follow your healthcare career dream in the United States, you will not be alone in the process. Global Healthcare Staffing will be there to assist you in obtaining your professional certification, navigate U.S. immigration procedures, and aid in your relocation to America. With their support, you will have the backing of the leading ethical healthcare recruiting organization in the world.

How It Works

Explore the immigration process we’ve simplified for you

  • Website Icon Let’s chat – Connect with our international recruiters & get qualified
  • Website Icon IPA assigned – You will be assigned an International Program Associate (IPA) who will help you with documentation work for filing visa petition
  • Website Icon Legal review – Your documents will be reviewed by our legal team before submitting your visa petition to USCIS.
  • Website Icon USCIS approval – USCIS will approve your petition which shows that you will be placed in line for receiving your visa
  • Website Icon Job offer – After successful completion of interview, you will receive a job offer.
  • Website Icon Partnership with IDA – You will be partnered with International Deployment Advocate (IDA) who will guide you till the end.
  • Website Icon Document collection – Your IDA will help you with document collection for the National Visa Center (NVC), where our legal team will submit the documents on your behalf.
  • Website Icon Get credentialed – Once the credentialing gets over, we will guide you through immigration, job assignment, & preparation of embassy interview.
  • Website Icon NVC review – After submitting NVC documents & paying the fees, the NVC will review your case to determine if you’re qualified for an embassy interview.
  • Website Icon Embassy appointment – During the embassy appointment, you will receive visa approval. Your date of arrival to the U.S. will be determined after the completion of credentialing & orientation.
  • Website Icon Welcome to the U.S. – Success! Next, you & the Global Healthcare Staffing team work on travel, housing, and deployment arrangements.
  • Website Icon Interview with healthcare facilities – Our team will submit your resume to our client healthcare facilities that have vacancies that match your expertise. However, the interview timeline varies for every client.

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