Our Vision
Elevate every aspect of healthcare staffing - creating healthier communities and a healthier world We aim to be the leaders in:
  • Disrupting the traditional healthcare staffing model while fostering a community of talent diversity
  • Elevating the lives of nurses across the globe by supporting their American dreams
  • Finding the best global nurses to help American healthcare facilities fill their workforce gaps and reduce their dependence on costly contract labor
Our Mission
Enhance healthcare quality and advance health promotion, particularly, for Americans Our mission is to:
  • Facilitate legal employment opportunities for international nurses and their families in the U.S. while ensuring compliance with government regulations
  • Empower care facilities through robust staffing partnerships, enabling them to overcome staffing shortages and achieve their patient care goals
  • Foster a seamless hiring and onboarding process to ensure long-term success, satisfaction, and prosperity for all key stakeholders
Our Values
  • Integrity - We are well aware that it takes a long time to acquire a good reputation, but only a moment to lose. So, we strive to do the right thing with uncompromising ethics.
  • Passion - Our passion for our work is evident in everything we do. It is the driving force behind our purpose and guides our daily lives which sets us apart.
  • Innovation - We embrace innovation as a way of thinking. By staying focused, we are committed to bringing fresh ideas to life that create unique value for everyone.
  • Customer Focus - Putting people first is our priority. We make it our mission to exceed expectations and go above and beyond in every professional relationship.
  • Service - Serving the clients is our mantra. To honor our commitments, exceed expectations, and consistently deliver high-quality service, we always go the extra mile.
  • Excellence - We are driven by results and constantly strive to raise the bar in everything we do and become the best versions of ourselves.
Why Global Healthcare Staffing?
Global Healthcare Staffing is a reliable partner that offers solutions for healthcare staffing with international nurses. Our goal is to empower care facilities by providing them with highly skilled nurses, enabling them to deliver exceptional patient care.

This leads to several advantages, including:
  • Improve access to care facilities
  • Solve nurse staff shortages
  • Simplify nurse jobs
  • Expedite the recruitment and immigration process