What’s Behind the Nursing Shortage?

Although all predictions indicate that the nursing labor force will keep expanding, it will not be adequate to meet the demand for nurses. The existing and continuous shortage of nurses can be attributed to various factors.

Increase in Patients

75 Million

Baby Boomers

20 Million

Coverage by Affordable Care Act

1.3 Million

Opioid-related Hospitalization

Reduction in Nurses


Number of Nurses Retiring Per Year


Number of Applicants Turned Away from Nursing Programs


Number of New RNs Needed Per Year


Number of Nurse Instructors Needed Per Year

By 2030, around 1 Million Nurses will retire & leave the workforce

Other Factors

4+ Million jobs by 2026
Employment Projection in Healthcare Sector


Overcrowded ED


Medication Errors
17.5% - leave nursing job within the first year
33.5% - leave within 2 years
Hiring Challenges

We are here to Help!

Global Healthcare Staffing offers a solution to the challenges faced by organizations like yours when it comes to recruiting and retaining nurses during the severe nursing shortage in America. We understand the frustration you may be experiencing. Our comprehensive staffing solution is designed to augment your current staffing strategy by providing international nurses. With our turn-key approach, we eliminate all obstacles associated with recruiting nurses from overseas.

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Having a robust pool of nurses

We source nurses from more than 60 countries worldwide, giving us access to a strong pool of internationally-educated nurses in various specialties

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Closing the experience gap

On average, our nurses have accumulated five to ten years of experience. By incorporating our international nurses into your team, you can bridge the experience gap between your new graduates and nurses who are approaching retirement.

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Ensuring long-term retention

Our nurses work on contracts of 6,240 hours at your facility before conversion, without any upfront or conversion costs. This long-term solution promotes continuity of care, enhances patient satisfaction, and contributes to higher retention rates within your organization

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Transparent pricing

Our nurses are hired at a flat hourly rate, with no additional or hidden costs outlined in the contract. By recruiting nurses from overseas, we simplify the process and make it more cost-effective for you.

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How It Works
Explore the immigration process we’ve simplified for you
  • Website Icon Building Connections - Let’s begin our strong partnership between your organization and our team.
  • Website Icon Candidate Interview & Selection – The final list of candidates is ready after interviews and documentation check.
  • Website Icon Pre-Arrival Training – Preparation of each candidates for practice in the U.S. via personalized, facility-specific training.
  • Website Icon Finalization of Candidate Arrivals – The start date at your facility will be communicated to the candidate 4-6 weeks before U.S. arrival after confirmation from your end.
  • Website Icon Final Arrivals & Reviewing – Once the candidate reaches the U.S., orientation classes with 3 months review will begin.
  • Website Icon Performance review – Our team will review the performance of candidates on a quarterly basis and plan the needful for future needs.
  • Website Icon End-of-Assignment Discussion – As the candidate enters the final year of contracts, we’ll be discussing the end of assignment plans with both candidates and clients.
  • Website Icon Conversion to Direct Hire – We’ll assist in converting candidates to direct employment.
  • Website Icon Consistent Support – Our core responsibility is to support both candidates and facilities consistently.

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